How to add images to Home Page Slider

 How to create sliders using Nivo Slider

[includes info on how to set up new gallery pages]



Adding email contact info:

There are a couple of ways to do it. This is the code you need – please add it by opening the TEXT tab of the WYSWIG editor – it won’t work if you add it  using the VISUAL tab (which is what I did to put it here) and pasting it in the sentence where you need it.

<a href=””>Lucy Smith</a>

Once you paste the code in, please change the two fields highlighted in the image below. In place of, put the email address you want to send people to. In place of Lucy Smith, put the name or text you want to appear as the link in your sentence.

adding email contact info


You can highlight the text you want linked to the email address (in the Visual mode of the WYSWIG editor) and click on the LINK icon (the chain link) to create a link just as you would with any other text. When the window pops open and asks for the link URL, simply add:

This is likely the easier method as it does not require you to go into the HTML mode of the WYSWIG editor, but I wanted you to have both options.