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All classes are intermediate to advanced level.

Carved Stone Sampler Neckpiece

"Large Hollow Polymer Beads"

2-day workshop.
It’s wonderful when large beads can be visually statement-making, but it’s not enjoyable  when they are too heavy to wear comfortably. In this workshop, Kathleen will teach constructing and assembling large light-weight hollow beads in organic/geometric shapes, then covering them with polymer patterns using a variety of techniques. As in her other workshops, Kathleen will also discuss basic design principles as she leads students through inventing and making their own beads.


Renaissance Circle Pin

"Translucent Techniques and Design Decision Principles"

2-day workshop.
While making a pin or large bead, each student learns how to layer translucent polymer clay to produce a rich depth of surface using image transfers, permanent inks, simple millefiore, gold leaf and powder inclusions, carving, sanding and buffing. At the same time, Kathleen presents basic artistic principles to aid students in making decisions as they work with this involved technique.

Pod Purses

"Working Outside the Box: Covered Containers in Unusual Shapes"

2-day workshop.
Polymer clay enables us to make containers in any shape we wish so why are there so many boxes that are round or rectangular? Kathleen discusses shape design principles and leads students through making an interior mold and a container with inside rim like her purses. Student also make a hollow-formed large bead or brooch.

Seed Pod Earings

"Integrated Earring Design: Stop Using the Same Old Findings - Make Your Own!"

2-day workshop.
Too many polymer earrings are a polymer bead hung on a boring pre-purchased French ear wire that has no relationship to the bead. Good design includes every aspect of an item. This workshop includes basic wireworking and tools as well as multiple polymer techniques that make use of embossing powders and acrylic paints. Under Kathleen’s guiding principles of good design, students develop their individual earring lines that will sell like hotcakes for twice the price they sold for before. (In fact, you can probably pay for this workshop with the earrings you make.)

Seed Pod Earrings

"Pods and Beach Stones In Polymer Clay"

2-day workshop.
Making your own beach stones from polymer clay is not only remarkably satisfying, but also forces one to look closely at real beach stones and become involved with nature in a unique way. Instruction will cover how to mix clay for a variety of stones, texturizing, replicating geological characteristics, and forming natural shapes as well as problem-solving in replicating other stones students may find later. Instruction also covers mixing clays and forming hollow pod forms. How to use stones and pods in jewelry will emphasize each student's individual expression.

Leaves And Plum Neckpiece

"A Major Neckpiece For the Opera Or the Wall"

4-day intensive workshop.
This workshop will cover making hollow large-scale polymer beads in multiple shapes as well as a variety of techniques to cover them including layering, carving, and sculpting and making an assemblage of them. The emphasis, however, will be on enabling the student to develop and focus on personal expression in making a large neckpiece, through group and one-on-one discussion.

"Master Class: Pushing Your Work to the Next Level"

Monthly Workshop (1 day per month).
By focusing on work in polymer clay (although other media are also acceptable) and primarily neckpieces, this is a once-a-month class taught at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Craft Center (in Concord, N.H.) by Kathleen Dustin that encourages and enables students to reach higher levels of design, concept and satisfaction with at least one major piece of work. On the first Friday of each month, Kathleen will demonstrate one or two technique or design principles and give assignments for students to work on until the next monthly class. There will be time to work on projects during the class. There will also be time, titled The Power of Questions, for group discussion of students' works. This is an opportunity that many of you are ready for! You have a whole list of techniques under your belt, but now want to make your unique vision stand out -- if you already have a unique vision! Or maybe you are looking for a place to start on this journey. This master class promises to be insightful for many levels of artists and a growing experience for all. Fall-term class sessions will be held on October 5, November 2 and January 4. Students may sign up for individual classes ($140 per session) as they are able to fit them into their schedules or for all 3 classes at the discounted rate of $130 per session. Students may take as many or as few of the master classes with Kathleen as they prefer. If you will be attending from out of town and would like hotel information, please contact The Craft Center.


"You are an outstanding teacher, and not just your technique (which is to-die-for gorgeous), but the design aspect. I thought the way you talked us through designing the pieces and just explaining the basics of design was so helpful. We all walked away from class with a better understanding of how to make a piece really work. And I want to thank you for being so generous. You shared sources and other techniques, tidbits and really just anything anybody asked! WOW!!"

"I took your course as a member of the Philadelphia PC Guild and I am now getting around to trying some of the things I learned. To my amazement, I found my notes to be legible, informative, and enabling complete recall of the information-filled days. I tell you this as a tribute to your wonderful teaching skills. It probably was the best master class I've taken. It has done much to inspire greater confidence which I attribute to your sharing so much of your craftsmanship. I hope to take another class with you."

"I took a class with you here in Raleigh about 2-1/2 years ago. You taught translucent and transfer techniques. About a year after the class, I found the carving tool you had us use and started carving on some scrap pieces. One thing led to another and I have since fallen in love with the carving and backfilling technique and made it my own. Iím just writing to say thank you. Because you shared your process, I have found a direction for my own work in polymer."

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful workshop! My mind has been going in a hundred directions ever since. Your ability to communicate, coach and teach was outstanding. I thank you for sharing your spirit, knowledge, and artistic know-how with the entire class. What an opportunity and privilege it was."

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