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      Contemporary Ethnic Neckpiece Carved Stone Sampler Neckpiece

carved wood stone sampler

"Carved Stone" Series

"Pods And Plants" Series

Autumn Drive Neckpiece Pink Seed Pod Neckpiece Winter Seeds Neckpiece Grass And Pods Neckpiece Pinch Pod Broach

Open Prickly Pod Broach

Pinch Pod Neckpiece

Grass And Pods Neckpiece Golden Pods Neckpiece      


Lichen Neckpiece Leaves And Plum Neckpiece leaf bracelet spiral eucalyptus necklace

"Woodlands" Series

"Woodstone" Series

Curley Knot Necklace Stone Ladder Necklace Knot Hole Necklace zen intersection necklace woodston earrings


  Techno-Pollen Neckpiece White Pollen Neckpiece  Falling Seeds Brooch Seed Bead Neckpiece

"Seeds & Pollen" Series

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